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Friday, June 7, 2019

Jio set up box launch coming soon 2019 under Rs 500

if you are looking for set-top box that provides a good and free channels, then this news is for you. As has been the case of Reliance jio;s DTH service being launched for sometime now. it is said that soon, jio will launched its DTH services. this set-top box has a jio logo and 134 channels are getting totally free viewing

These are Features : 
This is an MPEG-2 set-top box in which several advanced features are provided. This set-top box has the option of speaker output. Through which any speaker can be connected direct. In addition,it has the facility of LNB-in and LNB out port. Through which connection can be giver in the second set-top box. use the LNB-out port to given connection. that is, you can run two TVs at a time and you will also be to able to see different channels. 

134 channels absolutely free :
all free to air channels will be shown in this set-top box, for which no charge will be taken. which includes 34 channel. there will also be some of your favorite channels.if you have already have umbrellas available then you can buy this set top box for just Rs.500. if you buy it with umbrella,  you will have to pay Rs.1500 rupee for it.