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Sunday, June 9, 2019

5G network in Indian coming soon...

India is planning to commence field trials of 5G networks across the country in the next 100 days, according the  to india's newly appointed Telecom Minister Ravi shankar Prasad. India will also hold a mega spectrum auction for 5G and other radio waves this year.

Pradas said that india will soon commence field triald of 5G technology across the country in an effort to roll it out for public use oce trials get over. Here's what pradas had to say.

Prasad also talked about the government's plan to channelize and leverage" domestic intelligence and solution provided by Indian startups to help implement 5G technology.

we want to channelize and leverage the solution provided by Indian's status in implementation of 5G technology prasad added.

The announcement comes  at a time when smartphone companies are launching 5G device in the global market and india clearly wants to adopt future telecom network technologies at the earliest and stengthem its infrastructure.

Addressing the controversial issue of whether chines telecom gant Huawei will be allowed to participant in the upcoming 5G trials prasad told reported that the complex trials prasad told reporters that the complex issue will be looked at seriously including security aspects.

Meanwhile . the Telecom Regulatory Authority of india has recommended auction of about 8644 MHz of telecom frequencies, including those for g service at an estimated total base price of Rs 4.9 lake crore.

Balesh sharma, the new chairman of cellular operator association of India has appealed to the government that the 5G spectrum to the government to all players at reasonable prices. COAL has also pitched for lower levies and taxes to maker the Telecom sector stronger and sustainable.

5G spectrum should be made available to all players at reasonable prices such that more investments are directed toward enhancing network capacity and capabilities said Sharma , who is also the CEO of Vodafone idea.