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Monday, May 6, 2019

Indian culture book pdf download

Hello student Friends, Welcome to Gujarat No-1 Educational Website.The issue that we are going to discuss today is of special importance for all our competitive examinations. Therefore it is very important for us to take the information of this subject.

Generally, when it comes to culture, a small number of topics are included with the issue of history, but if there is a different subject in any of the competitive exams or in our college exams, then we will be prepared to fully understand our preparation of our culture. Have to do with. Only then will they take the marks eighty times in the examination.

Whatever we will talk about culture, all the places of India and the idols, caves, etc. will all be discussed on this day.

::About Book::
Book Name : Culture
Publication : VisionIAS
Author : VisionIAS
Pages: 58
Size: 10 MB
Language : HINDI
Format : PDF
Reading Quality : Good

1-Dance & Music:
-Loc and Jan ethnic dance
India's first music museum
-Thimat: The Heritage of Goa

2- Painting and other art styles:
-Style painting
-Himila painting

3-Sculpture and Architecture
-Kornak Sun Temple
-Khujurao temple
-Suphika's Stupa
-Industrial turban
- India's National War Memorial
 -National Emblem of Monuments
-World Capital of Architector

4- Language and Literature: -
-Mathili language
- South India Hindi Propaganda language

5- Feast:
-Culture Aquarius
- World Peace Ahingsha Convention
-Abbubaki Fair
-Bata kamma festival

For more information click on the following link and download full pdf.

PDF : click here