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Monday, May 6, 2019

Forest Guard study Materials PDF Download

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Today we are going to be able to talk about the topic on which we will be able to complete the exam. Also, there will be a lot of significance for the future test of the forthcoming Forest Guards New Test.

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Book Name : Involvement
Publication : VisionIAS
Author : VisionIAS
Pages: 100
Size: 16 MB
Language : HINDI
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If you talk about the full significance of the examination for the exam, then this is the case.

Climate change
Global scenario
Mitigation measures
International cooperation

Pollution: -
Air pollution
Water pollution
Nitrogen pollution
Plastic pollution
Blue flag authentication
Ban on kit Nashak

Biodiversity: -
Connection on Biological Diversity
Flora and fauna
Asian Lion Protecting Project
Tiger protection
Pita re-entry project
Elephant protection
Asian Rhinoceros
Great indian bastard
Ganga dolphin
Banyan grass land

Book PDF : click here