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Saturday, April 27, 2019

public administration books in gujarati pdf

Hello friends, the name of the book we are going to discuss today is public administration. Generally speaking, the present administration of the public administration for the competitive examination of each class, and the number of important exams which increases the average, leaving.

Today, some of the highlights of the public administration book you see are given below.

This public administration book has been written and distributed in a complete way on the basis of the source of the book and on the basis of the source of the book.

::About Book::
Book Name : Public Administration
Publication : Handwritten note
Author : Self Handwritten note
Pages: 115
Language : Gujarati
Format : PDF
Reading Quality : Good

Some of the topics covered in this book and the topic are as follows...

Regarding public administration in the context of the Vedic period and history.
Public Administration in Economics of Kautilyatya
Principles of governance

  •    Break the function
  •    Theory of Integration
  •    Classification of operations

Central Government
King's advisers and ministers
Economic policy
State employees
Provincial government
Municipal governance
Mehsul governs
Judicial governance
Karmic Potion

Mudhal Adamsan

  •   Dewan
  •    Neer Bakshi
  •    Sadr-Us-Sudar

Mansouri and Vigilance Management
Land and Mehsul arrangement
British governance 

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