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Thursday, April 25, 2019

NCERT General science by Drishti Publication Book PDF Download

Hello friends, Today we will talk about the general science book created on the basis of NCERT's visual publication.

The state government and the central science for the competitive examination of each class is an important topic in every paper.

The information about this book is as follows.
Book name: NCERT (general science)
Publication: vision publication
Author: vision publication
Page: 40
Format: pdf
Language: Hindi
Quality: Very nice

The following issues have been covered.

  • food
  • Food components
  • Filament
  • Creating groups of objects
  • Separation of substance
  • Changes in our surroundings
  • Know the plants
  • Body movement
  • Living and their surroundings
  • Speed and their surroundings
  • Speed measurement
  • Light shadow and reflection
  • Entertainment by electric and circuit magnets

-------------------------------------------------- ---

  • Chemical reaction equation
  • Acid, bacteria, iv, salts
  • Ambient, and non-metals
  • Carbon, their compounds
  • Periodic Classification of Elements
  • Control and coordination
  • How do Jeevan Janan?
  • Genetic and Biological Development.
Download Book PDF : CLICK HERE