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Thursday, April 25, 2019

Indian Polity Book by VisionIAS PDF Download

Dear GPSC Objective holders, I hope that today is a matter of great importance for you, which will prove to be very useful for IAS / IPS and State Public Service organized classes 1 and other exams.

In today's topic you will talk about polity. Study class room material prepared by VissonIAS Academy, details of which are given below.

Book Name: Vision IAS 365 (POLITY)
Author: VisionIAS
Publication: Vision IAS Academy
Page: 75
Language : Hindi
Format: PDF
Reading Quality : Good

The following topics are discussed in this book:

Constitutional issues
  • -Compatible constitutionally valid
  • - Definition of small numbers in India
  • -Dear risk
  • - National Security Act
  • -Country of profit
  • -Rajaypal
  • National citizens register
  • - Validity of sports betting in India
  • - State Language Department

Provisional provisions from the functions of the Parliament / State legislative / local government government

  • Rajya Sabha
  • Deputy Speaker of the Rajya Sabha
  • Lok Sabha
  • State legislature
  • Local showers

Central government

  • 15th Financial Commission
  • Regional council
  • Northeastern council
  • Inter state council
  • Policy commission
  • State status to Delhi
  • Cauvery Water Management Plan 2018

Book Download PDF : Click here