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Saturday, April 27, 2019

indian geography notes in gujarati pdf

Hello friends, today we will talk about India's economic and geographical geography book. Examples of exams prove to be a topic of geography as an alternative subject for the primary and major examinations of class 1 and 2 of the Central Government. This is why the book pdf link has been given below for students to get material content of geography.

Information about geography book is given accordingly.

::About Book::
Book Name : Indian's Geography
Publication : Handwritten note
Author : Self Handwritten note
Pages: 75
Language : Gujarati
Format : PDF
Reading Quality : Good

  • Introduction to India
  • India's geopolitics
  • Climate
  • Land of India
  • India's Vegetable
  • National Parks of India and Indigenous
  • India's Nandi System
  • India's Agriculture and Crops India's Mineral Resources and Energy Resource
  • Industry of India
  • Population diversity
  • Irrigation in India
  • Largest / Longest in India
  • Headlines of India
  • Lake of India
  • Major Tribe of India
  • Indian ports of India
  • Origin of the Himalayas

Download PDF : Click here