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Monday, April 15, 2019

History of Gujarat Hand written note book PDF Download

Hello friends, today you will discuss about the history of Gujarat.
The subject of history for the competitive examinations of each section of the Government of Gujarat and Government of India remains important.
Gujarat's history is a matter of importance for the upcoming Talati, Non-Secretariat Clerks test, so that the entire history of Gujarat is given below to the pdf of the note book written with important issues for the benefit of every student, if clicked on the link. Do it

The following things have been discussed in this book.

1 Stone Age (before 4000 BCE)
2 Chalcolithic to Bronze Age (4000 BC–1300 BCE)
3 Iron Age (1500-200 BCE)
3.1 Early Historic
3.1.1 Mauryas
3.1.2 Indo-scythians
4 Middle Kingdoms (230 BCE - 1206 CE)
4.1 Guptas and Maitrakas
4.2 Gurjara-Pratihara Empire
4.3 Chaulukya Kingdom
5 Late Medieval period (1206-1526 CE)
5.1 Delhi Sultanate (1298–1407 CE)
5.2 Gujarat Sultanate (1407–1535 CE)
6 Early modern period (1526–1858 CE)
6.1 Mughal Empire (1535–1756)
6.2 Maratha Empire (1756–1819)
7 Colonial period (1819–1947 CE)
7.1 Indian Independence Movement
8 Post-Independence (1947 CE - present)
8.1 1947–1960

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