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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

a brief history of modern india spectrum pdf in hindi Download

Hello friends The book we are talking about today is the history of modern India and its publication has been done by spectrum publication.

History of modern India for the competitive examination is important in terms of the emphasis on history, from the other era and era of history. The included issues in the book and the general high-light are as follows.

::About Book::
Book Name : modern Indian history 
Publication : Spectrum Publication 
Author : Spectrum
Pages: 216
Size: 50 MB
Language : Hindi
Format : PDF
Reading Quality : Good

Source of Modern India
- archival material
-Jivan Sahitya, Savasraman and Yojtas
- Newspapers
-Complete literature
Modern Indian History-Writing Approach
Other History Writing Tendency

Advent of Europe in India
-Other European

Indian position at the time of British occupation
-Magal-fall of society
The rise of autumn-states
-Social Economic Condition

British victory - unfortunate or purposeful
Bengal-British conflict between the Nawab of Bengal
Mysore victory
Angla Maratha struggle for utmost importance
Punjab win
British Chief's Promotion Policy Routine

Early revolts against British rule
The beginning of the Independent conflict
National movement 1 905-19 19

And much more .....

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