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information about to Gir somnath, Junagadh ane Jamnagar district

 Gir Somnath District


         The district headquarters and the major port.  Here Fishing has developed well,

       In the forest of Gir This place is a lion sanctuary (Gir National Park) as Worldwide |
 Is well known.  Government of Gujarat Tourism Lion Darshan from the account here The arrangement is. Lioness To

Tulsi Shyam:

          This place in the middle of Gir region There are seven hot water kundas and the temple of Shyamji Maharaj.


            Ahmedpur-Mandvi is located on the coast. And a place of natural beauty.  Boating here
 And water cycling, swimming etc.  A lamp nearby
 2 is.


       Somnath Saiva The cult's most ancient, rich and  Is an important center.  Twelve in Jyotirlinga
 The first Jyotirlinga Temple of Somnath Counting.  Deer River and Sea Sangam is considered a sacred triveni shrine.A little further away from it is the Dehotsarg pilgrimage.  ) Here is the fire cremation of Sri Krishna's body Is believed to have been made.  [Temple of Somnath

 Bhalka Tirtha:

          Here is a salvation peep.  The yellow Down below Sri Krishna was sitting down to rest while a hunting arrow Was found, which struck Krishna in the leg and he gave up his body Is believed to have.

Jamnagar District

              1. Jamnagar is the headquarters of the district.  "Paris of Saurashtra"Jamnagar city known as Jam Rawal  C  Settled in 1540. The 'Lakhota Palace', situated in Ranmal Lake between the city, is heroic and Is a symbol of love.  Due to many temples and Sanskrit textbooks Jamnagar was known as "Chhote Kashi".  Founded by Zandu Bhattaji Zandu Pharmacy is here.  The cemetery here 'in Manekbai Muktadham There are statues of different saints and gods.  Build here, Kanku And Aries is famous in the country and abroad.  Porch-door The sculpture of Palace and Pratap Vilas is beautiful.  Here  Ayurveda is the attraction of the University and the city of Solarium. The name of the Bala Hanuman Temple here is continued from 1 August 6 64 Due to the running rainbow 'are recorded in the Guinness Book.  Of India here The training center of Nokasanya is Valsura '.  Near Balachadi  The soldier's school is located.  From twins to Okha in the Gulf of Kutch The coral reefs are Pyrton Islands.  The islands  As a marine habitat for many types of marine organisms.The area is declared as 'Rai National Park'.  Of brass India is known for craftsmanship.

            Big Khawdi Reliance Industries Ltd. Most of the World Is a large Grassroot oil refinery.

 Junagadh District

             Junagadh City, situated in the foothills of Mount Girnar Is the district headquarters.  Narsingh Mehta, a devotee of Adi poet of Gujarat After his parents died, his brother lived in Junagadh near Bhabhi,There is a palace of Ranakdevi in ​​Upkot.  In addition, the height of the adjacent link  And several wells, Sakkar Bagh, Darbar Hall Museum, Narasimha Thieves, Ashoka Inscription, Organization of Crafts Industry 'Rupayatan  Here are the sights.

            Ashok's inscription in the foothills of Mount Girnar,Inscription of Rudradaman, Damodar Kund, Revati Kund, Gorakhnath Temple Etc. is spectacular.  Twelfth century on the first track of Mount Girnar The Jain temple of Neminathji is.  On the second track is the temple of Ambaji. There are about ten thousand steps to reach Dattatreya shortly. '


         The tomb of Apa Giga, the famous saint of Saurashtra The place is.


         A beach resort for tourists Is.  In the summer the Nawab of Junagadh lived here.  Nawab's palace Has turned into a Holiday Day home.

Information About to Bhavnagar, Mahisagar ane Patan district

Bhavnagar District

 1. Bhavnagar: 

             Headquarters of the district.  Bhavnagar Establishment e.  C  In 1723, Maharaja Bhavsinhaji I did.Gandhi Smriti, Sardar Smriti, Gaurishankar Lake, Barton Museum,Lockgate at the port, Darbargarh, Temple of Takhateshwar, Ruwaapari Temple etc. are the main sights.

 2. Palitana:

             Palitana Near 603 meters high area 863 famous Jainas in the mountain range The temples are located.  The first of Jainism This station of Tirthankar Rishabhdev ji Is observed.  E built in the modern age Samvasaran Temple 'Girirajjini | Lies in the foothills.  The city The city of temples' is known as.  Jain Temples.

 3. Valabipur:

           In the time of allies this rich and Jahajalali was a walled town.  The Valabhipura Vidyapeeth Jag was famous.Coins and copper coins are preserved in the museum here.

 4. Ghogha: 

          Purana is a port.  Navakhanda is the temple of Parsvnath ji.

 5. Khodiyar: 

      The famous temple and donor of Khodiyar mother  Hold on.

 6. The largest in the world for Velavadar Kaliyar The national park is here.

 7. Gopnath: 

             The magnificent Shiv Temple of Gopnath on the coast Is located.  Fairs are held here at the auditorium.

 8. Talgajarda:

 Moraribapu, a popular Saint of Gujarat Is the birthplace.

 9. Mahwa is known for the orchard of orchards.  Here! The wooden toy industry has evolved.

 10. Talaja is the birthplace of Narasimha Mehta.  Jain temples here  And there are Buddhist caves.

|  11, Shihor: 

     The city is home to copper-brass vessels Known for  The temple of Gomtesvar and Brahmakund is well known,

 12. Hands-on: 

         There are playful beaches.  Turtles on the coast The breeding center.

 13. Alang: 

         The port of Gujarat.  Asia's largest Sheep Breaking Yard (unused ship breaking industry) here
 Is located.

 14. Bagdana: 

           Saint Shri Bajrangdas is the monastery of Bapa. Spoil).On the bank of the river is the ancient temple of Mahadev Bagadeshwar.

 Mahisagar District

 1. Lunawada: 

             is the district headquarters.  Name of this city 'Luneshwar fell from the temple of Mahadev.  During the Pandava dynasty There is a folk belief that there was a temple.  In addition Indira Gandhi Stadium, Jawahar Garden, Kalka Mata hill, Triveni Sangam is a landmark.


          This is 10 km from Balasinor From the site of the great animal of the great animal of historical time to Prague Were found.  Eggs of dinosaurs for the first time around the world Met from this place.


               The old Solanki was an institution of the time.  Here Shri Gokulnathji's footsteps and holy shrine are Sharif.


 was a kingdom of kings of the Babri dynasty.  Nawabs The Garden Palace is spectacular.

 Patan District

                Patan is the headquarters of the district.  Set by Vanraj Chawda The original name of this town was Anahilpur Patan.  Sidharaj Jaisingh There was 1008 shivling around the lake of Kastarling built.  This The remnants of the lake represent its magnificence.  King Bhimdev In the previous list, his queen-rising 'Rani Ki Vav', Located in the National Monument.  The pottery and plaque here Is famous.  Headquartered at North Gujarat University.  Patan  There is a collection of books by Hemchandrasuriji in the Jain Temple.


             A virgin flowing in the desert  In Siddhpur, on the banks of the river SaraswatiThe karatak mass is filled with full moon.Solarki, the king of Gujarat  'Rudramahalaya' was created and Siddaraj Jay Singh renovated it Was.  Mother Shraddha in Siddhpur Bind Sarovar  Is performed.  Kapil Muni's monaster Is spectacular  It


             This place was originally known as 'Shakhpur'. Palitana is the second most important place for Jainism. Here lies the Jarnalaya of Parsvnath ji.

  Mira Datar:

                      Near Unawa village on the banks of river Pushpavati The place of Mira Datar is a place of faith of Muslims.  Other Religious devotees also come here.

Introduction to Kheda and Gandhinagar Districts.

 Kheda District

 1, Nadiad:

        is the headquarters of the district.  Of Santaram Maharaj here Santaram Temple is famous for faith and public service.  Of the river Shedi On the coast is the ashram of Saint Shri Mota of Gujarat.  Of Govardhanram Tripathi The accommodation is spectacular.

 2. Vaso is the famous Jain Temple.  Gopaldas mansion The sculpture is excellent.

 3. Dakor: 

Old name of Dakor Was 'Dunkpur'.  Of Dankeshwar on the Gomati coas  There is a temple and a monastery.  Located in Dwarka Sri Krishna, the devotee of Bodana is pleased with devotion Be done  C  1156 from Dwarka to Dakor The story of coming and going is prevalent Is.  God in the Temple of Ranchodji A shining statue made from the black stone of Sri Ranchodarai  Sitting.  Gomti Lake, Dunknath Mahadev, Lakshmiji Temple,Bodana Temple, Satyanarayana Temple etc. are the sights.

 4. Galteshwar: 

Solanki, 16 km from Dakor, Mahikantha This Shivali of the era is spectacular.  The Mahi and Gomti river here Sangam is a pilgrimage.  This tour of the tourists is Dham.

 5. Lassundra: 

There are hot springs.

 6. Cloth Wicker: Knitting, Cloth Wave, Queen Wave and Cigarva is well known.  The garbage here dates back to the glory of ancient times Singing stands.

 7. Utkantheshwara:

 On the banks of the Vatrak river, the magnificence of the Untkheshwar Mahadev The temple is.  This place is famous as 'Ondya Mahadev'.

 8. Fagwell: 

Temple of Bhatiji Maharaj ..

 9. Mehmedabad: 

    This town is inhabited by Mahmud Begda.  Here  Bummario wells are spectacular.  Mahmud Begda is his Begum The Chando-Suraj palace and the fort built on the banks of the Cotton bed
 The fossils are spectacular.)

 10. The famous temple of Vadatal Swaminarayan and its


  1. Gandhinagar:

 Mahatma Attached to the name of R Gandhi Ra Gandhinagar New Gujarat State 9 Capital and District Head Math  There are 2.  This town is beautiful, 3am and It's green.  Planning this town
 French sculptor Leica Bercier did,Was.  This beautiful park covers thirty sectors and 57 square kilometers Is expanded.  Magnificent on 75 hectares of land in the middle of Gandhinagar
 2 Secretariat complexes have been constructed.  Assembly House, Secretariat, Rajbhavan, Ministers' residences, Park Bhavan, Dry house, Sarita Parks, Deer Park, Bal Park etc. Attractions of Gandhinagar Is the center.  Acacia Residential 23 Acres By Male Institute Spread on the ground 'Lord Swaminarayan in Akshardham The golden temple idol sits.  Near here, the ancient Dholashwar The temple of Mahadev is a magnificent place.

 2. Indroda: 

Deer in Indroda Park near Gandhinagar There are parks, crocodiles, snake parks and rabbit parks.
 This is for bird watching as there are many birds coming to this park The place is very convenient.

3. Adalaj: 

The queen of Adalaj's Vaghla Rao Vir Singh Rudabai built a wad in Adalaj.  Of residue in the residue
 Vav is similar to the ornament of archeology.  Five floors undergroun And the fifth floor is below the surface of the water.

 4. Mahudi: 

Famous for these Jains on the banks of river Sabarmati There is a pilgrimage.  The glory of the temple of the receiving mother is huge here.Here is a small Mahavir statue in Derasar.  Happy hour here Is taken, which has to be taken into account. Just a few blocks away from Mahudi is the remains of the Kottayak Sun Temple in Khadat village. This is the pilgrimage of the ascetic merchant.

5. Kalol:

 The well-known industry center and oilfield.  Indian here Fertilizer Co.  O  Ltd. (Ifco) has a large complex ..

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About Ahmadabad district for traveler

Ahmedabad District

 1. Ahmedabad: 

           Headquarters of the district, on the banks of the river Sabarmati Ashavali (village of Ashavalli), the village of Kant king Ashabil. (Kadiv Solanki) Here the important town extends, which to call'poetry'.  In the 14th century Rajput rule ended in Gujarat.  February 26, 1411 no On the day Sultan Ahmad Shah established the city of Ahmedabad and was magnificent Increasing the beauty of the city from the buildings.  Bhadra Fort, Gaikwad Haveli, Three gates, the Jama Masjid, the king's hawker, the queen's hawker, Zakaria Mosque, Qutubuddin Shah's Mosque, Sarangpur Mosque,Mosque of Rani Rupmati, Mosque of Queen Cipri, of Sidi Syed Netting, Azam Khan's rookie, the dome of the beach, by Ahmad Shah Mosques etc. Muslim architecture is spectacular.  Mohammed Begdae town Fur then coat it and put it on twelve doors.  Qutubudin is built.

Sidi Syed's mesh

          Lake Hoje Kub '(Kankaria Lake) is the largest town in India Happens in the lake.  The famous Shahbag and palace built by Shah Jahan Is.  During the Mughal Empire coins were made in the Kalupur mint Were.  Outside the Delhi gates, the Hathsingh Jinnah and the Solarpur An amazing piece of art from Dehrasar's art of Parsavnath of Zavirwad Is.  Kamnath Mahadev, Bhimnath Mahadev, Bhadrakali in Nagar Devi Temples, temples of Swaminarayan sect, mansion oVaishnavism, Am baji,There are many temples of Ranchodji, Sri Krishna and Ram.

Balramji, Subhadraji, Jagannathji

 The town is the magnificent temple of the god Jagannathji.  Eighty-seven seeds The day starts from here.  Swinging minarets, seaside Ghumt, Chandola Lake, Gita Temple, Sardar Patel Museum, Kankaria Balwatika and Zoo, Kite Hotel, Sabarmati Ashram (Gandhi Ashram), Kocharb Ashram, Roh of Shah Alam, Sundarvan, Science City i-Makers Theater, Multiplex Theater, Mall etc. Ahmedabad has sights.  In addition, grandfather Hari's wife,Manav Mandir, Vaishnava Temple in Sarangpur, Yogeshwar Temple of Bhavnir, Chinmay Mission, ISKCON Temple, Gurudwara, Bhagwat Vidyapeeth and The Krishna temple is spectacular.  Law Garden, Tilak Bagh, Sardar Bagh, Saurabh Garden, Parimal Garden, devotee poet Narsingh Mehta Sarovar (Jarapur) etc. Ahmedabad is a public park.  The Space app, Atira, The Physical Research Laboratory, Indian Space Research Center, National Institute of Design, Calico Textile Museum, Shreyas Folklore Museum, Cultur Center, Nirma University, Gujarat University etc. Center is proud of Ahmedabad.  Sabarmati River
 But there are ten laws that have to be built.  Sabarmati River Front plan enhances the beauty of Ahmedabad city.  Narmada Due to the plan, the river flows on two banks.  India at one time The historic city of Manchester is considered as a progressive trade, and business
 Kuneh is known for

          Clubs like 'Rajpath' and 'Karnavati', all in one building There are four - theater, shopping, workshop, restaurant, etc. facilities Is.  Ahmedabad Ashram Road and CG.  (Chimnalal Girdhardas). The road is considered an advanced route.

 2. Sarkhej: 

Mahmud Begda in Sarkhej village near Ahmedabad
 And there is the tomb of his prince.  Near Mahmud Mahmood's Begum
 Everyday as well as the guru Ahmad Shah Khagjja of Sultan Ahmad Shah
 There is a mosque and mosque.  There is also a large lake here.

 3. Long:

 Balidadeva is a magnificent temple.

 4. Dholka: 

Here is the Malawi lake built by Meenladevi.The school of Pandavas, the kitchen of Bhim, Siddhanath Mahadev etc. animals The place is.  Known for the groundnuts and pomegranates.

 5. Ganeshpura:

 The magnificent temple of Lord Sri Ganesh,

 8. Mandal:

      Raval Ban Kuldevi Khambhalaya's grand mother The temple is.  There is a statue of Mother in golden temple in the temple. In the middle of the village pond, huge temples were erected in an open place Has arrived.  Due to the hostel and the restaurant many every time
 Believers come here.

 7. Veeragam: 

Meenal Devi built by Mansar and Ganga Gangasar Lake, which is built by Vanzara, is located here.

 8. Faucet lake: 

spreads over an area of ​​120.82 sq km These sanctuaries include migratory birds such as winter season
 Cats Applican, Flamingo, Saras Kunj, Flamingo etc. for tourists Attract

 That's it.  Lothal: Indus was the harbor of the time of civilization.  Twelve from here,
 Town, furnace, sewer system, skeletons, ornament, cremation, etc.?
 Have met.

 10. Vautha: 

The confluence of the seven rivers.  Kartik Purnima

about kutch district for traveler

Kutch District

1, Bhuj:

    Headquarters of the district.  In the foothills of the Bhujio mountain This historic place inhabited by Ray.  Old city protected from Bhujio castle Was.  Maha Rao Lakhpat Jinn, Ayana Mahal built in Ram Sang Mall Beautiful engraved umbrellas, Fateh Mamad Arab hairao.

    Maharasingh Madan Singhji Museum, Nandakunj, Prague Palace, Kutch Museum, Sharad Bagh Palace, Swaminarayan Temple, Hatkeshwar Temple, Temple of Surya, Darshan of Indian Culture (Museum of Folk Art), Mohammad Panna The mosque, pragmalji no palace etc. are not worth seeing here Places.  The city of Delsar and Hamirsar beautify the city Is.  Bhuj's silver work and the art of cotton cloth printing Known for,

 2. Narayan Sarovar:

    Narayan in the eighteenth pilgrimage of India Includes lakes.  Surrounding the lake attractive
 There are 3 temples.  Koteshwar along the coast 2 km from Narayan laker Therea magnificent Shiva Temple.  The state government has taken this place as a tourist hub Is developed.

 ૩.  Mundra:

     Wadi-Kutch's because of the garden and healthy climate Known as the green region.  Lots of produce here Happens.  There are several research centers and natural healing centers Is.  Adani Port Company develops as a modern port of Mundra That was it.

 4. The old port:

     The old port is here for tuberculosis.Sanatorium '.  The first 'wind farm' in Asia is located here
 Vijay Palace and Bhadreswar Temple are spectacular.

 5. Dholavira:

      The remains of the Harappan culture are found here.  This The place was a huge and grand town 4500 years ago.  From here Large buildings, reservoirs, halls, utensils, postures, towels The remains of tools, compasses, ornaments, etc. have been found.

 General Chat Chat Lounge  Anjar: This city for Chara-Chappa and Saree industries  Is well known.  The ancient Shivalay of Jaleshwar and the Jaisal-Toral The tomb is famous.

 7. Ashapura Mother's Madh: 

Kuldevi of the Raj family of Kutch Ashapura mother of ancient times There is a grand temple. Ashapura's Madh

 8. Bhadreswar: 

There is a pilgrimage to the Jains.  Here with special architecture There is a long way.  Seth Jagadusha renovated the Derasar. There is about 5000 years old Vav known as Pandav Kund.
 An inscription engraved by King Siddharaj in Chokhanda Mahadev (C. 1139).  From here the remains of the ancient Bhadravati town Have met.

 9. Dhinodhar hill 388 m high This grandfather Gorakhnath is famous for its background.

 10. Kotay: The saddle here is the sun temple of Kotyak built.

 11. Kandla:

 This is an important port of India.  'Fee trade zone' As a (Free Trade Area), this port has a good development.Gujarat is the largest port.

 12. Ramper Vakra: 

Sacred pilgrimage of Swaminarayan sect Is.  There is a holy lake named Gangaji and Yamunaji.  Heating The Ganges fair is held on the Karatak Sud Poonam on the banks of the river.

 13. Jain Panchartha of Jachho Kutch (Suthari, Kothara, Jakhau, Naliy And yours) is a sacred pilgrimage site.

14, Suthari: 

Jain is one of the places in the Panchayatarth.  East of Gujarat Balwant Sagar, built in memory of Chief Minister Balwantaray Mehta The place is known for this.  Their airline September 19,
 It was broken here during the Pakistan invasion on 965.

 15. Kanthakot:

 About 5 km to the top of a rocky hill There is a castle in Righ.  Here are the remnants of three temples.

 16. Gandhidham: 

Settlement of refugees from Pakistan This town has been made a colony.  So
He who has not seen nothing has seen nothing. '

 |  -Amitabh Bachchan

current affairs magazine 2020 by jagran

Jagran, a lover of God, was employed for many years.  One night he heard someone in a dream saying that Manu is your destiny I'm not, don't wait in vain.  He told this dream to his friends.  His friends told him when you heard If the Lord is not in my destiny, then why is he engaged in meaningless prayers?  That God Lover said, Prayers in vain?  Maniacs! Prayer is joy in itself.  How is it related to meeting or not meeting someone or something?  That night he saw Pramu him Taken in hugs.  Those who have no desire except God, it is impossible that they cannot find it.  A temple for this

 Whether the mosque is present or not is a gross matter.  Supreme Court disputed Ayodhya dispute on November 9, 2019. Decided to give land to one party and decided to give land to the other party, so that someone's own favor Per faith is not going to decrease or increase and if it does, then it is not real faith.  Supreme on ayodhya The decision of the court needs to be viewed from this point of view.  Faith has nothing to do with aspiration.  A god lover Hoped to get a lot of Ashurfis from God.  Lord laughed and tried to get him a lot of ashfaris gave.  When the person looked at the Ashurfis, his eyes filled with supernatural glow and he looked at the sky. Looked at  Something was written on those pornography.  He threw ashfaris and started dancing.  Do not read those Ashrafis in it I know what a revolution it was.  The Maya of God, the Ashkas disappeared.  Years later, someone asked that on those Ashrafis What was written?  He said: God wrote on them enough.  True, God is enough.  Those who know this

Please confirm.  The sutra is the one who has to get everything, they have to leave it all.  Faith will always prevail over aspiration.  Ayodhya

The final decision has been reached on the dispute, who has got anything or who has not got anything, does it make any difference to their faith Will it make a difference?  Probably not.  In this issue, the decision of the Supreme Court on the Ayodhya dispute has been made a cover article.In India, possibly the world, the name 'Gandhi' is special in the sense that all political creeds reverence it.Hardly any other leader enjoys such a reputation among all political parties.  This is why any party in India Be it the government, Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with enthusiasm.  When 150th Gandhi Jayanti is to be celebrated, this enthusiasm is at its peak It is natural to reach.  Gandhiji's most important thing is his loyalty to truth.  His autobiography is a proof of this.  One Even the person would not have written his biography so honestly, so authentically.  In the biography they all such things Writes, whom the man wants to touch with others.  'Gandhiji's life in the occasional article on 150th birth anniversary

There is a brief presentation of events and ideas. NITI Aayog NITI AAYOG e National Institute of Transforming India ASEAN is a group of opportunities for all.  The 35th summit of the group iThailand's capital Bangkok  Done.  This issue presents an occasional article on the ASEAN Summit.  THE HINDU

Since the founding of the idea of ​​BRICS in 2001 and its first summit in 2002, the world has seen BRICS countries Seen as countries with specific structural problems and opportunities.  Th economies of BRICS countries have averaged The growth rate (in terms of GDP rate) has increased.  New Development Bank (NDB) and multilateral trade facilitation agreements New initiatives such as this have increased the relevance of this business group.  Topical article on BRICS Summit in this issue  has been submitted.

 Reserve Bank of India
 Reserve Bank of India
 Business Line

 That era has also come in politics that when waking up in the morning, it is the evening government or someone else in Haryana.The two parties achieved some stability by forming a government, but in Maharashtra such governments i.e. some in the morning and in the evening The hallmark of some has been seen.  In this issue, a timely article on the formation of new governments in Haryana and Maharashtra is


 In this issue of the journal, the general study solved question paper of the UPPCS 2019 preliminary examination and with it
 Arpan is being given to additional readers.  Hopefully this issue will meet the expectations of the readers.  BBO NEWS,Year-28 Issue-1,January 2020,Current cycle



  • Time Person of the First Special Economic Zone in Tripura  
  • PERENNIALYear, 2019 • 
  • Wasteland Atlas of India, 2019 Doing
  •  Business, 2020 = Nobel Prize, 2019 
  • Saturn's 20 New Satellites Global Starvation Index, 2019 
  • 20th Livestock Calculation 
  •  India Innovation Index, 2019 
  • Global Tuberculosis Report-2019
  • A Crime in India, 2017 Report to 
  • HPCL and PGCILMahakal status • 
  • School Education Quality Index (AQI).
  •  Raman Set-2 Launch 
  • INS Nilgiri: Project-17A's first warship 
  • Uttar Pradesh Agricultural Exports Policy, 2019 
  • 74th session of United Nations General Assembly President of India
  •  Tripartite Travel UNCCD CoP 4 Global Competitiveness Report, 2019
  •  Agriculture Census 2015-16 (Phase-1)


National scene

  • Jharkhand Assembly Elections *
  •  Bhavnagar: CNG Port
  • Terminal * 
  • Colonel Chewang Rinchen Setu Prime Minister's Saudi
  • Arab Travel Clean Rail, Clean India-2019 •
  • Rural
  • Sanitation Strategy, 2019-29 • 
  • Health System Reinforcement Report, 2018-19

 International scenario

  •  Sana Marin, world's youngest prime minister *
  •  Security New Temporary Members of Council 
  • Mumbai and Hyderabad UNESCO
  •  Kartarpur joins network of creative cities
  •  Corridor agreement: Indians get visa-free entry into Brazil
  •  Ecuador: Indian nun Maryam out of OPEC
  •  Thesia declared a saint. 
  • World's first artificial intelligence university in Abu Dhabi
  • Y BRICS Youth Summit 
  • Big cities in India surrounded by water crisis: water pressure
  •  Index. Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, 2019

 Economic scenario

  •  Global Gender Gap Index, 2020
  •  Folks: 100
  •  Even the most powerful women, 2019
  • fifth WORLD Bi-monthly monetary policy statement, 2019-20 
  • kharif crops CONORIC YORM
  •  First Advance Estimates, 2019-20 • 
  • Sixth Between India-China Strategic Economic Dialogue - June-end, 2019: 
  • India's foreign Loans • 
  • Minimum Support Price of Rabi Crops, 2019-20 •
  •  World Giving Index, 2019

Scientific landscape

  •  Naming the 1212 yogurt planets succeeded
  •  BrahMos missile.
  • Ozone hole area minimum in test 2019: NASA
  •  TOP 500 list of most supercomputers Project Soli
  •  National Health Profile, 2019 National Animal Disease Control  program

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Gujarat information publication | Gujarat na Lokmela ane utsavo PDF

There is a difference between being 'alive' and being 'alive'.  Festival for humans Keeps it alive.  Festivals lubricate life with excitement, energy and warmth Works.  The festival is therefore our pleasure.  Of Indian culture Festivals play an important role in establishing worldwide identity Play. The longest new Nortel in the world is in Gujarat Running dance is known as festival.  Celebrated in Gujarat On festivals, fairs are a major source of fun.  On the land of Gujarat The festival is a reflection of regional life.  At fairs and festivals Regionalism beats.

Thousands of years of art, culture and culture on the land of Gujarat. The celebration of Anandotsav was heavy.  Bees around the world Sajjan is attracted to Gujarat.  This is the culture of Gujarat The information department works to give fragrance to every Gurarati resident. The book "Folktales and Fairs of Gujarat" is  The publication of the book will be a medium to highlight the culture of Gujarat.
I am very confident Heartfelt publication of the book "Folk songs and fairs of Gujarat"

the lighting ...

Our diverse culture is the gift of many festivals for us Have given  Gujarat is rich and famous all over the country.The best art heritage we see today is the vivid beats is.  Gujarati folk life and many colorful aspects of folk life Special effects folk festivals and folk songs are celebrated by the public Is visible Fairs and festivals bring new consciousness to life in a new way.At such fairs and festivals, humans share happiness.  In human life Lok hiya ni halola by spreading the colors of joy, zeal and consciousness Fairs have always been at the forefront of festivals. Ancient culture, with full heritage of Gujarati luxury There are many types of festivals - fairs that are known, unknown Preserves culture.  Future generations learn ancient heritage on the internet Instead of going to Google and searching for it, you can go to that place with a quality experience. The legacy and its future generations have also inherited it"Keep in mind the mission of preserving Gujarat's culture.The book "Louk Kototsav and Mela" has been published.  Gujarat in this book Author's study and experience on the subject of fairs and festivals Used as a reference for supporting books and articles.  me  It is believed that fertility is a major attraction for the Khmer people of Gujarat. This book will be a source of useful information for anyone.

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Ancient Wolf

 The fair is the most expensive of the pleasures of the human heart It's the Feast.  Religion, culture and human being at the fair. The Striven confluence of the Haiya is found.  Good luck From the stress of unity with religion to folk life.Woven aura and feasts are natural Worshipers of beauty are in the forefront. Utsav is the name that makes mankind happy And the fair. Enjoy a kind of fairs and festivals And Urmino stands out.  God of folk life At its cultural folk festival and folk fair Visible.  

Cultural of Gujarat

 The people of Unity are the people of the festivals and the folk fair itself Are caught.  The look and feel of each fair The activities are different.  Of our ancestors The basic objective of our Indian culture Because of the preservation of heritage It could be said to have begun.Fair means lightweight, traditional Assemble at a designated place according to custom. Believing in religious places where worship is practiced Mehriman gathers.  Behind the fair Enhanced and fulfilled emotions of life Realizing and enjoying life The purpose is to enjoy.  Maybe 'a name like that Fair festival even if it has been in vogue of late Is very ancient.  Numerous evidence of it is ancient Is derived from the treatise.  Each with its fair Com A history of grandeur and the antiquity of that place Found to be associated.

  Today the fair has become a festival in which.The young ones all take part in the fun. Every state in the country is obsessed with such fairs Which can be considered as the shimmoor of Gujarat.  At the fair The fervor of folk life, folk culture The colorful artistry is inherently fun. Happens.  Sanaam in Gujarat Gujarat There are about 3 fairs like this, in which 3 fairs in Saurashtra-Kutch districts Held.  Hindus should, according to caste 1, Muslims 3, Jains 3, Lokmala-1, business fair-3 and There are 3 matches of Parsis held. Grace of Indian culture from ancient times Being the Minister of Culture, the ancestors, and the idols Celebrate with the need for farming

 And the timing of the fair's celebration intimately Is associated.  Hearing in the monsoon season and Purnima and Amas at Bhadrava Mass Most fairs are held in days.The second season of the fair is October-November Arrives in Mass and 3rd period from FebruaryApril is Mass.  Usually the hills and Fair at the playful place of rivers Held.  Thus, the fair human beings enjoy, Purchase and devotees provide an invaluable opportunity Is.  Wearing colorful clothing from far away A colorful festival from Male to Female Is becoming  Fair work all day To make a difference in the lives of human beings Haiya was relaxed and filled with joy Makes.

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